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Huawei launches most powerful Smart-phablet Ascend Mate 7 in Pakistan

huawei most powerful phablet

ISLAMABAD – Huawei has launched its new, most powerful Smart-phablet in Pakistan named; Ascend Mate 7. For the first time, Huawei’s Ascend Mate 7 has featured the most advanced fingerprint sensors technology. Users need less than 1 second to unlock all operations of the device, with the new single-touch fingerprint-identification technology and the EMUI 3.0 feature. Continue reading

Muslim Burger King owner finds $100,000 and hands it to the police


Sahista Bakawla, from San Jose, was cleaning the fast food restaurant when she stumbled across a blue backpack left in a booth.

She took the bag into the back of the restaurant and called the owner, who opened it hoping to find some ID or a phone number.

But the pair called the police when they discovered the bag was full of $100 bills.

Altaf Chaus found $100,000 stashed in bag in Burger King

Burger King owner Altaf Chaus said: “I opened the zipper, I see lots of money, cash money, $100 bills stacked up like half the bag, money.”

“I said, ‘wow! Today’s my birthday, this is my birthday gift.

“I’ve been in this country 26 years and I worked three jobs for 15 years before I bought this Burger King.

“So I’m a very hardworking man. I don’t want that money, maybe it belongs to somebody.”

Mr Chaus said his religion encouraged him to be honest and hand in the money.

“I am Muslim, and we believe that you have to sweat to get what you earn. When we first came here, I used to work three jobs, and I learned, if you don’t sweat, it’s not your money,” he added.

Mr Chaus immediately called the police, who found sweets, marijuana and a bank deposit, along with the money.

Police are now working with the bank to find the bag’s owner.

Ms Bakawla, who found the bag, said: “I twice cleaned, like two or three times cleaned the tables and it’s still here. I waited until 3pm and nobody came here.”


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7 reasons why you feel so tired

feeling tired

Are you experiencing this scenario ? “If I’m so healthy, why am I tired all of the time?” asked my patient, a 47-year-old mother. I had examined her, reviewed her lab tests, and assured her that all was well. But her complaint is one I hear every day.

Surveys of primary care medical practices in the U.S. show that patients mention moderate to severe fatigue in about a third of all office visits. A study reported in the Archives of Internal Medicine screened 1,000 patients with complaints of severe fatigue. About two-thirds of the cases were associated with identifiable diseases (anemia, diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, or rheumatoid arthritis); a third of them, however, had no definable cause.

Take notes on tiredness

If you notice a similar problem, these questions might lead your doctor to an accurate diagnosis:

1. Was the onset of fatigue sudden? If it was, the cause is usually physical. A gradual onset may have an emotional component. Continue reading

How Google watching you and knows everything about you

google watch you google watch you

google watch you Yes, Google watching you and knows everything about you !  how ?  to understand this you need to understand how Google work. According to Google, I am a woman between the ages of 25 and 34 who speaks English as her primary language and has accumulated an unwieldy 74 486 emails in her life.

I like cooking, dictionaries and Washington, D.C. I own a Mac computer that I last accessed at 10pm last night, at which time I had 46 open Chrome tabs. And of the thousands and thousands of YouTube videos I have watched in my lifetime, a truly embarrassing number of them concern (a) funny pets or (b) Taylor Swift.

I didn’t tell Google any of these things intentionally, of course — I didn’t fill out a profile or enter a form. But even as you search Google, it turns out, Google is also searching you.

This isn’t exactly new news. Google has, since 2009, published a transparency tool called Dashboard, which lets users see exactly what kind of data the Internet giant has on them and from which services. Continue reading

Dyson is spending massive on new products

Dyson is smassive on new products

 Dyson is spending massive ::

Dyson is spending massive on new products and product or service categories, this company announced . The maker of vacuum cleaners, fans, heating units, hand dryers, robots and more announced  that it might be spending earnings of $2. thirty five billion over a UNITED KINGDOM tech campus, enlargement of it is manufacturing endeavours, investment with British colleges to create talent, along with $1. 56 thousand in fresh specific technological development initiatives.

The English company wishes to roll out and about no fewer than 100 new products, across a number of new technological portfolios around just another four many years – we’ve witout a doubt seen it introduce your 360 Eyes robot dyson this year, as very well as declare its entry into your humidifier market, with a tool that together filters bacteria out of your air whilst it works. In past interviews, founder along with CEO David Dyson Dyson Invests $2.35B In R&Dfeatures hinted which the company might be thinking about applying the job it is doing in electric battery tech to the areas, too, along with continuing to help advance your field involving domestic robotics.

Dyson is spending, claims it folds the full one-third involving its full profits back to R&D, along with notes in which 2, 000 involving its approximately 4, 500 personnel worldwide are engineers, along with 1, 000 of these have can occur board within the last few four many years alone. Its relationships with academic institutions also help it funnel fresh talent into your company, as well as work out and about outside research projects.
With that investment, Dyson is spending,  signalling the shift that can mean we no longer see it primarily being a vacuum business in a number of years’ time period. Could it instead turn out to be synonymous along with domestic roboticsDyson Invests $2.35B In R&D, Aims To Launch 100 New Products? Early yet to see, since your Dyson is spending on, 360 Eyes has however to even embark on sale, but really should arrive that coming spring from Japan.

Nokia Android Tablet, The N1

Nokia Android Tablet

Nokia Android Tablet, The N1, launching China First Reveals

Nokia Android Tablet, The N1, Hitting China First,Currently for the Slush convention within Helsinki, home-town hero Nokia — your area of the business that failed to find offered off of to be able to Microsoft — possesses exposed their initial gadget: a fresh pill, your N1, a new iPad-like smaller pill through an light weight aluminum covering, a new 7. 9-inch display as well as the Android mobile phone Lollipop OPERATING-SYSTEM. Offering regarding $249, will probably be offered initial within Cina as well as initially at the very least will be WiFi-only. Continue reading

Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare

call of duty

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Review , Activision can be getting this very productive Contact associated with Responsibility typically to spots it’s already been, that is to mention that is a sport about battle, taking pictures, explosions and guns. But it’s likewise choosing a stab at many sensible futurism while using the ‘Exo’ accommodates the figure reaches have on, which usually add to the ability to navigate the setting and offer destruction of the enemies, and weaponry which boast many plausible advancements more than their own counterparts associated with today. Not to mention, Kevin Spacey can be everywhere we look. Continue reading

Japanese mobile game-maker Gumi

mobile game-maker

 Japanese mobile game-maker Gumi offers released

Japanese mobile game-maker Gumi offers releasedwho’s will number on the Tokyo Stock exchange next month. Gumi truly discovered its intention to number back 2012, yet there is the run of speculation above an impending million buck IPO since come july 1st. Continue reading

Microcompute Raspberry Pi at low cost

Pi microcomputer

 The low cost Raspberry Pi microcomputer

your own  low cost Raspberry Pi microcomputer  of which   possesses   turned on   the  cottage industry  regarding  makers  AND  hardware tinkerers  because the   clicking   your own  market  with  early 2012 — even enabling multiple Pi-powered startups —  simply   managed to get  even cheaper.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation  possesses  announc

ed  a great  updated version  involving   their  Model  a great  board, called  the  Model A+,  IN ADDITION TO   an  $5 price drop  in order to   just  $20.  ones  new Model  a good  board  can be   in addition  smaller  AND ALSO   further  energy efficient  compared to   th

eir  predecessor.

Raspberry Pi co-founder Eben Upton  tested   an  A+  \’m  coming soon  within   the   in  stage interview  from  Disrupt Europe last month.

Other improvements  for the  Model A+  are   more  GPIO

 Pi microcomputer

,  in  40 pins  today   in  offer,  the  micro SD  MINUTE CARD   slot machine game  replacing  your current  SD slot,  AND  improved audio.  your own   additional  GPIO means  your current  A+  can be  compatible  through the  new Hardware Attached  on top   official   intended for  Raspberry Pi add-on boards.  several  stuff  towards  A+ hasn’t changed: there’s still  only   the   individual  USB por

t,  simply no  Ethernet  AND ALSO  256M

B  associated with  RAM.

The Foundation recently rebooted  the  Model B board  that has a  B+ update,  that   in addition  expanded  ones   attributes   IN ADDITION TO  flexibility  of any  board but  kept   your  $35 price-tag. It’s  taken   a series of   regarding   The idea   function   AS WELL AS  applied  The item   on the  A+, noting  the  latter “inherits…  quite a few  improvements  That   we   created to   the  Model B+”.

Shaving  a great   extra  $5 off  your  price  of your  Model A+  will be   absolutely   the   many  exciting development here.  the  Foundation dubs  The idea  “pretty mind-bending”  to get   ones  price  straight down   for you to  $20  although  continuing  to  manufacture  your current  board  in the  U.K.

Price aside,  your  Model A+’s smaller size  is usually   in addition  likely  to obtain  makers thinking caps’ smoking

Raspberry Pi microcomputer

,  issued   The item   is usually  possible  to help  squeeze  The idea   straight into   extra  places